The news of T. MAUCCI's Jazz albums and concert


Attention event! The new album of ECBR (Est-Ce Bien Raisonnable?), group of the origins, is finally available.

This double CD in the title meaning as its style " Free Cassé Triphasé ", in studio and live, is to be immediately listened to in the section Albums.


Consult Thierry MAUCCI's Discography , jazz saxofonist from Marseille, FRANCE.

You will find the recorded albums there as Leader, and as Sideman, and those in whom he participated by becoming integrated into a Collective.


Listen to in preview extracts of the new album " Cool Birdof Thierry MAUCCI Quartet.

 Thierry MAUCCI - saxo jazz - groupe Hot Peppers

   They played live to the Inga des Riaux in Marseille, on June 5th.

   Here is the text of introduction for the event :

  "By one of the masters of Jazz, dash by the swing of 50', until the

   modernist explosions of the 60s (Coltrane,Rollins),  the innovative

   synthesis of witch is in progress, unexpected, surprising of


   Thierry Maucci présent his new quartet in tribute to his former

   and illustrious partnersLouis Sclavis, André Jaume, Barre phillips,

   Don Moye, etc...."

Discover the album "Jigs&Jazz ", with groupe NEOalbum14
You can always benefit of the teaching of Thierry MAUCCI in Marseille to the Studios DECANIS where he proposes Courses for any level of jazz and saxophone, and also during his Master Classes in the form of stays, in a small village of the Low Alps.



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